On Abstract Expressionism

Human emotion is richly nuanced and multi-faceted. It is thus a commonly accepted fact that words cannot express the full breadth of the human condition. Great writers have set themselves apart by making valiant attempts, inherently limited in their execution by words available to them in their language of choice (or, more broadly, words availableContinue reading “On Abstract Expressionism”

Finding My Way, Part II: Introspection and Assumption Updating

Introduction The last year has been the most dynamic and uncertain of my adult life. Through this period of societal upheaval, I have been fortunate enough to begin a new job, sustain a mature and fulfilling relationship, and expand my artistic and creative outlets through piano and generative art. After such a period of transition,Continue reading “Finding My Way, Part II: Introspection and Assumption Updating”

Building a Holistic Framework for Cognition and Consciousness

Introduction Over the past year I have become fascinated with the human mind. Originally piqued by Karl Friston’s free energy principle (FEP), my interest intensified as I began to learn the mechanisms of the mind, and how neural architecture impacts my perception and cognition. I believe that understanding how we think on a mechanistic scaleContinue reading “Building a Holistic Framework for Cognition and Consciousness”

Finding My Way, Part I: Millennial Burnout and Decision Paralysis

This is the first in a series of essays exploring my personal philosophy on life, and decision making frameworks I am using to guide myself through it. While I pull from many sources, my views are my own and only describe how I am attempting to live my life. I make no prescriptive recommendations toContinue reading “Finding My Way, Part I: Millennial Burnout and Decision Paralysis”

How much is enough – A reaction to Minimalism

The American dream is an ideal that is created and perpetuated by the media and corporate America. This is a template for life that many people fall into. It is increasingly difficult to attain as standards are raised and social media shows us nothing but ‘living the best life.’ But this is not the templateContinue reading “How much is enough – A reaction to Minimalism”