flora 1

recursive domain warping and fractal noise create the base texture. intermediate functions used to texture generation are then used as a basis for masking and color application inspired by some beautiful flowers growing near my apartment that only show their true colors early in the day or around dusk rendered via glsl shaders


shaders based on domain warping and distance fields resources for shader usage and maths: an interactive introductory course in GLSL shaders by Patricio Gonzalez Vivo and Jen Lowe code and conceptual explanations for a (very) wide range of topics from Inigo Quilez 


the above was created using a combination of hand drawn boundaries and algorithmically determined filling (adapted from the algorithm outlined by Kenny Vaden here): each bounded subregion had 150 random points generated inside of it some additional points were added to select regions based on preference each of the points in every subregion was connected … Continue reading tattoo_sketch

evaporating fog

may in san diego is a grey time. day starts with dense fog and the sky is covered with clouds more at home in the wintery midwest. some days, the greyness burns off and gives way to light. the feeling when this occurs is direct, intense, and exhalting, as if opening one’s eyes for the … Continue reading evaporating fog


information theory is awash in theories and frameworks dictating the precise amount of information conveyed by any given message. however, the ability of the message recipient is often presupposed and a deeply implicit assumption in many of these frameworks. here i explore the loss of information that may occur when such an implicit assumption is … Continue reading hermēneus


subtle background layers partially illuminated by randomly spaced and layered geometries. recommended viewing on high contract displays (or in a dark room) thank to sighack for some inspiration and implementation points on adding textures to images


Above: 50 concentric closed chaikin curves based on 100 radial points arranged in a user-defined pattern and randomly perturbed, with an incrementally increasing theta offset for each additional layer Also pictured, the same design plotted on stained paper (a current experimentation) with an AxiDraw A3 machine


geography built by localized attractors acting on many particles with constrained paths of motion

On Abstract Expressionism

Human emotion is richly nuanced and multi-faceted. It is thus a commonly accepted fact that words cannot express the full breadth of the human condition. Great writers have set themselves apart by making valiant attempts, inherently limited in their execution by words available to them in their language of choice (or, more broadly, words available … Continue reading On Abstract Expressionism


each of these images are generated from a noise based flow fields variably perturbed and increasingly constrained these images resulted from an exploration of perlin noise after getting bored with the somewhat predictable patterns. the baseline algorithm is the same, with only the parameters for noise generating changing. particles are started randomly and have some … Continue reading corruption


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