evaporating fog

may in san diego is a grey time. day starts with dense fog and the sky is covered with clouds more at home in the wintery midwest. some days, the greyness burns off and gives way to light. the feeling when this occurs is direct, intense, and exhalting, as if opening one’s eyes for theContinue reading “evaporating fog”


information theory is awash in theories and frameworks dictating the precise amount of information conveyed by any given message. however, the ability of the message recipient is often presupposed and a deeply implicit assumption in many of these frameworks. here i explore the loss of information that may occur when such an implicit assumption isContinue reading “hermēneus”


subtle background layers partially illuminated by randomly spaced and layered geometries. recommended viewing on high contract displays (or in a dark room) thank to sighack for some inspiration and implementation points on adding textures to images