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Finding My Way, Part IV: Agency to action

Another year passes. 2020 and 2021 were chaotic years for everyone: elections and pandemics commandeered the news cycles, social norms crumbled (due to the…) left and right, and the world was left wondering what was next. Personally, I had just taken a new job at a very small startup while simultaneously discovering my artistic passion.…

Tidal disruption event

Loosely inspired by the nuclear fusion process in stellar cores. This process originally gave the universe the raw elements from which to build the first atoms, and eventually human civilization. A tidal disruption event occurs when a star ventures too close to a black hole and is torn apart by its massive gravitational force. Image…

Cause and effect

An audio-reactive flyer I made for an event series in Brooklyn Created on TouchDesigner using glsl, custom noise and domain warping Music: