shaders based on domain warping and distance fields resources for shader usage and maths: an interactive introductory course in GLSL shaders by Patricio Gonzalez Vivo and Jen Lowe code and conceptual explanations for a (very) wide range of topics from Inigo Quilez 


the above was created using a combination of hand drawn boundaries and algorithmically determined filling (adapted from the algorithm outlined by Kenny Vaden here): each bounded subregion had 150 random points generated inside of it some additional points were added to select regions based on preference each of the points in every subregion was connectedContinue reading “tattoo_sketch”

evaporating fog

may in san diego is a grey time. day starts with dense fog and the sky is covered with clouds more at home in the wintery midwest. some days, the greyness burns off and gives way to light. the feeling when this occurs is direct, intense, and exhalting, as if opening one’s eyes for theContinue reading “evaporating fog”